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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 20, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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inian president pres. mahmoud abbas urging him to drop plans to add united states security council already on record objecting to the proposal earlier today united nations president earned urged libyans oil to market ought to put down their weapons >> even as we speak remnants of the old regime continue to fight. . one thing is clear. the future of libya out in the hands of the libyan people >> president met earlier with mustafa abdul jalil chairman of libyan transitional council promising new partnership with libya the president says moammar gaddafi were about still unknown. vice-president joe biden in town taking part in fundraising dinner at the home
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of rajiv fernando. founder and ceo of the financial firm chopper trading. tickets start at $10,000. also taking part in a fund raiser at this past june in a downtown hotel posting about half a billion dollars. tomorrow night's state of georgia plans to execute a death row inmate last ditch bid by many people for clemency for troy davis convicted 1989 murder of savannah police officer mark mcphail sixth and seven of nine witnesses have recanted their testimony. death penalty opponents around the world have rallied for troy davis but the victims' families remain convinced of his guilt. >> that he is a victim, we are victims. what else we have put up with this stuff for 22 years time for justice. >> protesters held rallies across the nation to have the execution called off pope benedict civil rights leader out
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sharp that and to jimmy carter among those who plan to support >> becoming a trend in bank robberies women robbing banks looking at the second this year in chicago a woman holding up a chase branch in dearborn downtown. fbi needs your help. threatened a teller and walked up with undisclosed amount of cash. the number of female bank robberies up 8 percent. the remorse chicago public schools extend a class taught by 90 minutes bringing the number with longer days to 12. all the mayor's office is chipping away at what the teacher's union officially opposes. >> meeting with teachers and parents at brown elementary cps ceo jean-claude brizard strong show of support extend the school day by 90 cadets begins at ground on monday that but it was a no-brainer we are here
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from 4-5 and weighs keeping the children a couple of extra minutes no big deal for us. >> such an easy decision why not? >> attic that extra hour-hour and half 90 minutes and not a difficult decision. >> first and second grade teacher at one of the 14 teachers who voted yes to the plan six other schools said know the teachers union strongly opposes these loggers school day without significant raises for teachers right now they get a $1,200 stipend. acknowledging the controversy mayor rahm emmanuel says it necessary to maintain the quality of education. estimated chicago students perceive that the percent less in structured time that the national average we know what we have to do it kids are out there fighting each other how to better fix this >> to other schools have ordered
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decided how to use that 90 minutes of extra construction constructive time today mathematics and reading and heavy and the arts. watching a website to get feedback and provide information to parents >> about 100 cta train station to undergoing major repairs and improvements and new coordinated initiative mayor rahm emmanuel announcing teams of city workers and private contractors alike from station to station claiming fixing and improving them. each stop on all at once rather than bit by bit the project will cost about $25 billion take about one year to complete funding became available cuts from the ct 8 bureaucracy >> making the experience different ball and proprietorship increased traffic make our lives all of us who use public transportation better >> mayor also pointed out near
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the 40 percent of cta commuters ride on the bread line he says that line is top priority looking for more large-scale repairs like track replacement and station renovations >> coming up what really makes your mouth water. science now shows us all about more than just about food. this is harder than and looks. when we come back i will show you a ballet keeping the kids off of the street and making them ambassadors of their culture. and registered voted time to see it live wgn tv partner and with the rise and how sweet the sound to find the best gospel choir in america. log on sweet sound for ticket information.
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tonight's medical watch how dozing can help keep blood bubbled sugars in check. overweight teenagers at risk for diabetes a good night's sleep is distressed teenagers slept 7.5- 8.5 hours of sleep at night more stable glucose levels consistent with research and adult without enough sleep more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. celebrate the journal for consumer research physical reaction to material pleasures scientists have long studied behavior changes driving impulses this time researchers
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actually measured mouth watering and found just the sight of money stimulates the sot abating glance the brains way of reacting to potential rewards. surprising way study in the journal of neuroscience documents the changes in brain activity depending on the type of advertisement ofee g recordings of the brain compared reactions logical persuasion advertisements obverses it visually stimulating advertisements the not logical resulted in higher activity of the brain regions possible for decision making and emotional processing. seducing the brain is better than appealing to logic in other words car advertisement with a woman draped over the top a man is going to be more apt to buy that car as opposed to the advertisement that talks about horsepower and gas mileage. >> oh really? shocked. 33rd
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annual ron santo walk for a cure more than a week away time but you to get involved but ron santo in very cubs player and long time color man on the radio passed away december 21st. diabetes losing both legs deeply involved raising money to find a cure past walkathon's raised millions for research. >> we estimate through his work raised over $60 million during his lifetime a total of $1.5 billion that jrf raised in 40 years of existence we are not there yet but further on because of advancements make possible research extremely expensive and much slower than any of us would like. >> juvenile diabetes research foundation take part in the walk ron santo to cure diabetes register to find more information call to the
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74 today was our high, cool morning below normal longest streak below normal in 5 months 8 in a row cooler in our future but not all bad tomorrow a dry wedge slot of the storm we will explain in a moment, the league went to taking over the mariners up their high clouds a couple of shot is flirting with the northwestern illinois moving across southern wisconsin kind of faded away tonight. much cooler air power house wind coming into the upper midwest 74 degrees today but 64 degrees a ton of warmer air going up into the the provinces of canada canadian rockies definite blow of cool air doing so on powerhouse wind we are at 65
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degrees temperature drop just beginning locking itself into our area for the weekend created what is called a cut off low showers for the moment 5 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago south wind blowing at 75 percent humidity thank goodness prospect of fog tonight dense fog last night mold spores immoderate week, but moderate today. for the checks storms curled up into the shape. called a dry slot. intrusion of dry air under the powerful jet stream steadily on the north side of the dry slot cool dropping humidity's. look at this wind field. when the swiping the area not as strong what is going on the northwest
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of us the bad guys and clouds that the system has delivered in place later in the week curled up right there with heavy rainfall to the north could mixup with snow with north you can see how tomorrow we stay dry then we bring it backwash clout in here friday and saturday and sunday could be cloudier. working friday more clouds and showers in the area this is where the wind is occurring tonight issue and frost advisories parts of south dakota and nebraska and wyoming. the wind gusts in minnesota at 55 mi. per hour. we have enjoyed low seventies moderate wind. watching it defog fade hamid elementary school turning
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beautifully clouds puffy fairweather clouds developed in the morning moisture cumulus clouds 72 degrees tonight at o'hare 73 degrees at midway. temperatures generally in the '60s are around the area and headlines sunshine tomorrow maybe a shower and a period of scattered clouds on the front earlier today 74 degrees today how much rain is on the way. series of showers you can see eight radar depiction of what the satellite will look like low double clouds. dropping support to this area and showers rotating around takes up residence for a whole period of days friday and saturday and sunday and might even last monday of next week showers may be passing north of us tonight the models as a couple of these
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conflicts with the area. by morning rush-hour cloudy mix most showers moving on mostly sunny. backside of bad weather system. warm air mass shoots over the top trapping the cold air jet wrapping around before it is all over close circulation just does not move. forecast showing how the cold gets clipped off by warm air rising over the top if you go off to the shore of the hudson bay warmer this weekend near the '80s we sit here in the '60s looking at showers it weird atmospheric set up not moving very fast unfortunately also a typhoon going on japan tonight. talking about that in a little bit looking more at the weekend increasing clouds breeze the mild and short on not be widespread. low temperature 59
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degrees. maybe in morning sprinkle the bed mostly sunny and windy late afternoon with a high of 70 degrees. partly cloudy breezy maybe a shower tomorrow night much cooler on thursday perhaps an afternoon sprinkle. afraid more clouds on friday saturday sunday. getting into those details later on. but let's with fancy footwork out what timidity used real world dance to battle modern-day problems and ferris bueller's day off wrigley field new
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nationally recognized mexican folk dance group in aurora serving many purposes other than dancing >> hispanic heritage month a dance group has entertained thousands of people the last 25 years while helping many dancers dance for better life >> started as a church group to back its ago become a youth group offering exciting dance performances all over the state keeping many kids in aurora on track for a better future >> you can hear the dance steps outside the community center in aurora. rehearsal time before one of many performances all over the state from a young adults to little kids every member of the dance ensemble included in the perfect synchronized warm-up. began as a church group for the last 25
9:40 pm
years youth program for many community children extended family keeping them focused on a better future. something else instead of keeping you in a clean environment. started dancing with the de ballet 11 years old he is now 26. >> something inside you a passion you cannot get out >> could not let the fancy footwork for you not just a dance lesson also a mexican history class. >> not just dancing but also the culture of mexico every step has a meeting >> spanish class also the founder teaches in spanish >> gloria fernandez learned about the ballet welge google
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the mexican dance looking for extracurricular activities for children that kept them connected to their heritage two daughters are really like it but turned a six year old son of a get the most >> goes tom put sot his boost cannot get him out of bed cannot get him out of the house some think not only do they identify with but learning seeing other kids role models for them >> young man like army specialist hernandez arrived from afghanistan on a saturday and was dancing by that monday >> i love dancing watching similar kids dance former students assisting choreography always coming back to the group did they say give them a brighter future and kept them in touch with their culture >> somebody we come from by
9:42 pm
dancing the ballet has a monthly fee of $30 pays for the group expenses including the beautiful costumes to learn more potoo >> still had an accident at wrigley field in october involving ferris bueller's day off in sports patrick kane discussing his return from wrist surgery teammates open up the exhibition schedule tonight in canada.
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they're cuter in clean clothes. that's my tide. what's yours? wgn news @ 9 milestone anniversary for iconic chicago film celebrated as a one-of-a-kind on a one-of-a-kind location on the 20th anniversary of ferris bueller's day off groupon like tickets and showing the movie at wrigley field chicago cubs not in the postseason this year running saturday october the first three screens placed on the infield bleacher tickets are $10 you can sit on the grass for $25. lawn package tickets include food for $75. interesting sight outside of wrigley field this week you may have seen these guys striking resemblance to kenneth the page character from the show 30 rock and reminded you can
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now catch 30 rock on the wgn at 6:30 p.m. at 10:00 p.m. five days a week. seven days how many more duty days and tom skilling has >> a couple of them anyway more to come shortly this autumn before it is all over. looking at temperatures right now nice in chicago 62 degrees but cooler air dipping sot word in the plane's chilly air coming in a couple of showers traversing wisconsin one or two and a fire in our area much of the day tomorrow spent sunshine low temperatures in the 60's 50's in the western suburbs back up to near 70 tomorrow about four degrees cooler than today start to feel cooler 40's in the suburbs of fifties in the city highs on the near 60 on thursday same thing on friday you can see right there a model
9:47 pm
temperatures and on the other side of the hemisphere a typhoon going into japan a big storm at one point we discussed 145 mi. per hour jet stream you can see 3 million people evacuated storm going towards tokyo and over the fukushima nuclear power plant that was in this news tsunami a couple months ago being watched carefully already flooded 26 ft. waves off shore 70 degrees tomorrow 60 on thursday at 61 degrees on friday all beginning autumnal equinoxes at 4:05 a.m. official start scattered showers persisted all about low pressure parking over us and spending all weekend long giving us spells of clout in this light showers not all day washout rand
9:48 pm
but just enough to be miserable. not beautiful we will find those for you in the days ahead >> protesters' demand clean energy outside of city hall and cyclist take to the hill and mayor emmanuel rights to the l. photos of the day. more photos available or
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next injuries could cause shot lead on the bears offensive line for sunday's game against the green bay packers. one bear backups as he is ready just in case and the 3-0 illini tried to keep focused and ready for western michigan sports is next. there's only one bottle left ! i've
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it's a new totino's pizza stuffer. [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun! hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat you get the feeling the bears are embarrassed and may be angry enough to do something ready for go to work >> does not hurt to play the packers bears always get tuesday's off but they needed some needed more than others may have bid one today injured players feeling a chance to catch their breath before the
9:53 pm
green bay packer week swings into high gear tomorrow not just a routine at tuesday for tackle speaking to kids today stockton elementary the injury to rookie rookie gabe carimi arrested back into the starting lineup right tackle has been there before started 28 games the last two years should take over a critical game offensive line under heavy scrutiny. >> i know what is going to be is just me having to practice coach is doing their job getting me ready going out and produce and i am not worried it will be fun it just glad i will be able to hang with the guys hopefully pick up the slack. >> ron zook not born of the last time illinois started a season 4-0 it was 1951 but the allied i have a chance to do that saturday if they can defeat western michigan at home last week victory brought illini top 25 and national spotlight can
9:54 pm
they take advantage last tuneup before the big game? >> these guys understand what is at stake where we are going all of these things this is a good football team this is not a team not like they are new to be the big teams >> believe it or not the black hawks playing a game tonight for the first time traveling to saskatoon, saskatchewan to play the edmonton oilers preseason opener. a couple of the new hawks got that on the board after a big 2-0, newcomer set up by kyle beach and top draft
9:55 pm
pick marquette mikan mil tied it 2-2 after two. not everybody made the trip to saskatoon saskatchewan most veterans like patrick kane stayed behind still be having his surgically repaired wrist. taking part in training camp scrimmages so far so good. think about that for sure the first time i have played pretty much sense of the surgery definitely thinking about it, still have the splint on but other than that feels pretty good right on track maybe ahead of schedule being cautious because of the time of year i am happy >> la date for the white sox and cleveland a day and night doubleheader logger home run by former chicago cop koseke fukodome third home run given by gavin floyd indians went on to take game 1 4-3 indians, and
9:56 pm
for the sweep in the nightcap things looking good built a 4-0 lead. alexei ramirez singled up the middle recorded back of scores to go ahead run split 5- 4. >> not exactly where it the cheese that's tonight at wrigley but the brewers in town boasting division title run third inning just beyond the reach scores makes it 2-0 brouthers final score milwaukee defeated the chicago cubs a 5-1 brouthers magic number is 3. cardinals losing in the seventh. >> that is the news tonight happy you shared time with us.
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